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If you have issues

Email Amol to [email protected] — this is the only way to make sure your issue is logged and we follow up. If you just mention it in person, it is likely to be lost. Call or text 530-727-8277


The super

[email protected] is in charge of building condition and maintenance – from that address we route to our team. We have several cleaners and staff including Jesse M, Susannah, and Jason.

The backup super

Backup phone numbers in case of urgent lockout or emergency– TJ (347)-846-4101 and UW (917) 214-5584. Or buzz 7 if someone is in we will help.


Building management

East of East LLC owns the building. Amol is your contact. [email protected] or +1-530-727-8277 anytime. Soon there will be condo owners who own their units though you can still contact Amol to route issues to the correct authority.


Tips for Verizon and Con Ed setup

Con Ed knows the apartments as A and B not East and West. We think the West units are A, so East are B.

Verizon thinks they don’t have FiOS service in the building. They will get confused about the address when you call; they have it as 13-10 Jackson. Say your neighbor has this account: 7187293803523 and Customer Id Code: 6869007250 — that should help them look it up. West is A and East is B to them, i.e. 4A is their name for 4W.


Your neighbors

You can email Amol to contact your neighbors with a request or a posting you want to share.



Due on the 1st. You can leave in the 7E mailbox, mail to 13-14 Jackson #7E c/o Amol Sarva, or slide under the door on 7.


Airbnb not allowed

If you have a rental lease in the building you are not allowed to list the apartment on Airbnb. There are city and other rules prohibiting this.



Use the trash room and separate your recyclables — paper/cardboard separated from plastic/metal separated from landfill trash/food. Break down your cardboard. Put the cardboard boxes up on the shelf. It is removed/packed three times per week.



You get five keys when you move in: front door, loft door, stairway A, stairway B, and mailbox.

If you get locked out, just contact Amol. We have a set of keys at the building for access in an emergency.



Moving is highly disruptive if during morning/evening hours or weekends. It is only permitted after 10am and before 4pm. Any moving use of the elevator without written exception incurs a $250 fee from the building.


Repairs and contractors

You should not use any contractors or outside repairmen or handymen without permission from East of East. The building is responsible for 100% of the property, and outside contractors need both approval and insurance naming East of East LLC and East of East Condo Corporation.



Packages and deliveries

We have a package room up front that will be monitored by video and is inside the locked front door. You can direct delivery services to use it. We have talked to the various delivery men so they know they can use it. You can put “leave in package room” on the address line #2 of your Amazon orders, for example.

The USPS and delivery services can also access the keybox outside our front door. We have given them the code. You can give it to them too: 23780

Put this code in your address “second line” for services such as FreshDirect, Fedex and Amazon’s delivery.


Dry cleaning

Absolute Cleaners (sign up here: www.absolutecleaners.net) will give you a personal pick-up bag that you can hang in the package closet. Leave them a voicemail at (718) 392-3139 any time of day and they will pick up next day/deliver following. Or drop off at 4-75 48th Avenue, LIC and they will deliver them cleaned. Instructions can be written and tucked in the bag label. They have the door code.



There are lots of dogs in the building. If it isn’t inconvenient for you, please walk out the back door with your dog so we don’t leave the front of our building too smelly and kill the new trees going in. You can even try to persuade your dog to use the asphalt blacktop instead of the grass — most dogs do pick this up. They should stay on leash on roofdecks.



There are three – on 9, on 7, and there is the garden at ground. They are outfitted with outdoor furniture. Enjoy them. The upper roofdeck (9) has a vegetable and spice garden. Let Amol know if you want to plant. Charcoal and gas grilling is not allowed in New York City. There are private roofdecks also; note signs.


Garden access

Password 3278 on the lock. It spells EAST on a phone keypad. Be sure to close behind you.



Please tell Amol if you want to reserve a bike spot in the garden. There is limited space but most can be accommodated.



East of East pays for gas. You pay for electric from Con Ed. Verizon FiOS is in the building. Their customer service will tell you it isn’t. Insist when ordering. (They might think the address is 13-10 Jackson Ave.)


Maintaining your appliances and apartment consumables

You take possession of your apartment with everything working. If there are problems, we will remedy.

But once you are there, maintaining and replacing items like smoke detector batteries, light bulbs and AC filters is your responsibility. If your dishwasher or air conditioner or refrigerator has problems, it is your responsibility. We often look at these for tenants as a courtesy, and can resolve problems. It is in our interest to help you maintain your appliances, which are assets we have purchased and delivered to you in working order. However, we cannot supervise the many small common sense ways you can keep the machine in good order, or fail to do so.

As such, we will not take responsibility for repairs after you take possession. There is an exception — if a clear building maintenance emergency, storm, flood, leak, or other causes is to blame — and in these cases we will handle any repairs.


Light bulbs

To replace the bulbs in your ceilings get
LED MR16 (Don’t get halogen!)
GU5.3 Base


Heating and air conditioning

The apartments have split systems (Mitsubishi) heating and cooling, PTAC (Islandaire, ICE, Egreen) heating and cooling, and baseboard heating. The thermostats on the wall do heating/cooling for the PTAC and baseboard systems. The remote controls for the Mitsubishi systems can be adjusted to maintain a temperature (loop arrow icon), cooling (snowflake icon), heating (sun icon), dehumidifier (raindrop icon); as well as set on timer to turn on or off.

We will not take responsibility for units that have problems after you take possession. Improper usage can cause many problems. Please look online or email Amol to ask for what maintenance is needed for these units. Mainly the filters should be cleaned regularly, units kept clean generally.

AC units provide a certain amount of cooling. All the units in the building were specified by the original building engineers as adequate to achieve “temperature minus 20 degrees” in your apartments. However, the thermostat on the wall is not a “promised” temperature. It is simply the temperature at which the thermostat switches off the AC. The Islandaire/”PTAC” ACs blow cold or hot. Their temperature does not modulate. The split systems can blow a specific temperature air into the room which you can see on the remote control.


The lobby